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Frequently Asked Questions - Here you will find answers to our most common questions, ranging from entrance inquiries to accessibility adaptations. Parking, costs, and other inquiries are covered.

Entrance and annual pass

Do I need to pre-book my ticket?
No, you do not need to pre-book your ticket. It’s also possible to pay the entrance fee on site. But if you want to guarantee your ticket and entrance, it’s possible and smart to pre-purchase it on our booking page.

What happens if I want to cancel or reschedule my purchase?
You can cancel or reschedule your ticket free of charge until the day of your visit, via your account. Just follow the link in your confirmation email.

My kid is less than five years old. Do I need to buy a ticket?
Children under five years old enter Teknikens Hus for free, because they are great! However, they still need a ticket if you have chosen to pre-pay the entrance fee. Choose "Children under five" when you book. The ticket is free of charge.

Do I need to book a ticket even if I have an annual pass?
Yes, because we let in a limited number of visitors in the house at the same time. However, you do not need pay for the tickets, of course. Just use the code Annual Pass, Du&Jag Card LTU Student.

Are the annual cards personal?
Yes, the annual cards are personal and cannot be used by someone else.

For how long are the annual cards valid?The annual cards are valid one year from the date of purchase.

Can I ...?

Can I leave my kids at Teknikens Hus and pick them up later?
Yes, if your kid is over 12 years old. But as a guardian, you are always ultimately responsible for your kids. Make sure that contact information is included in your booking in case we need to get in touch with you.

Can I bring a stroller?
Yes, you can bring a stroller. Via our elevator, you can easily access to the lower floor with the stroller.

Can I film and take photos?
Yes! It’s perfectly fine to take photos and film for your private use or for your school work in Teknikens Hus exhibitions, though without a tripod or flash.

Is there ...?

Is there a changing table?
Yes, there is a changing table in one of the toilets next to the cloakroom.

Are there parking spaces?
Yes. There is a limited number of parking spaces close to Teknikens Hus. Next to the main entrance, there are two spots for those who need to park really close for accessibility. During busy school holidays, like the autumn and winter breaks, it can be tricky to find parking close to Teknikens Hus.

Do you have storage lockers?
Yes, we have storage lockers, and it’s free to borrow them. They are locked with a code.

Food and drink

Can I buy something to eat and drink at Teknikens Hus?
Yes! Our regular lunch service is 11:00–13:00 on weekdays. The lunch is always available in kid's portions. During the rest of our opening hours on weekdays, weekends or during school holidays, there are snacks and lighter dishes available to buy in our café all through the day. Read more about our restaurant and café.

Can I get special diets?
Yes, you can order gluten-free or lactose-free diets. For allergies, always ask our staff. For allergies and other special diets, please contact our restaurant well in advance of your visit at 0920-550 814.

Can I bring my own food?
Yes, it is okay to bring and eat your own food in our lunch corner.

The shop

What are the opening hours of the shop? The shop's opening hours follow the opening hours of Teknikens Hus.

Can I return something that I bought from the store?
We offer a 30-day right of return on all products in the shop.


How is Teknikens Hus adapted for accessibility?
Teknikens Hus is wheelchair accessible with ramps and elevators. Most of the exhibitions in Teknikens Hus are fully accessible for wheelchair users. If you need to borrow a wheelchair, there is one available for loan. Ask for it at the reception. The auditorium in Teknikens Hus is equipped with a hearing loop. There are also seating areas available, both on the upper floor next to the reception and at several places in the exhibitions on the lower floor. Thursdays and Fridays are generally quieter in the building and therefore suitable if sensory stimuli have a negative impact.

Where can I find the toilets?
There are several toilets on the upper floor next to the cloakroom and reception. One of them is adapted for people with disabilities. The door width to that toilet is 80 centimeters. There is also a changing table and a child seat for the toilet.

Is there an elevator?
There is an elevator between the entrance floor and the lower level of the exhibition hall. The door opening of the elevator is 90 centimeters wide, and the inner dimensions of the elevator are 105×200 centimeters.

I am a caregiver, what applies to me?Caregivers enter for free with their user who shows their user identification.

School visits

We offer school programs and workshops for student groups of all ages, from preschool to high school. The school visits are led by our experienced educators and are free of charge for groups from municipalities in the region of Norrbotten. Our school programs are always based on scientific research, and most are related to LGR-22. You will find information to plan and book school programs and your visit to Teknikens Hus. Welcome to explore and learn more!