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The shop

In our shop you will find a large selection of gifts, souvenirs and other fun for all explorers. We have puzzles, experiments, games, toys, books and much more. You do not need an entrance ticket to visit our shop.

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Opening hours

Monday - Sunday:

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Kullagret has the same opening hours as Teknikens Hus

Cash is king - for learning

In our store, kids play the starring role. That’s why we have actively chosen not to remove cash payment. When it comes to learning math, counting and perhaps the value of money, cash is still king. That’s why we give kids an opportunity to be able to shop and pay by themselves, with real coins and bills. It’s a perfect way for them to independently practice math. After all, every ‘every-day experience’ can be a golden opportunity for learning.

Give someone you care about smart experiences!

With a gift card at Teknikens Hus, you open the doors to playful curiosity and priceless knowledge about mathematics, technology and sciences. What a gift! When that special someone becomes an extremely successful inventor, maybe they will pay you back in some how? Only seems fair. You can either buy the gift card at Teknikens Hus or right here on our website.

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